Consider This When Choosing a Virtual Staging Company…

Updated December 17, 2019 12:00 AM

As someone working in real estate and considering (or actively using) virtual staging services, you should be aware that Stuccco is the only virtual staging company in the world that can turn your virtually staged designs into reality; no other staging service can do this.

Here's why this matters to you and your clients...

Let's say you get a property virtually staged by a different company and your eventual buyers happen to really like the virtually staged designs and want to turn them into reality. Guess what? Your buyers are out of luck. They're on their own (or they have to find and hire an expensive and time-consuming in-person interior designer) to try to replicate their virtually staged designs. This situation happens because no other company offers virtual staging AND online interior design services; Stuccco is the ONLY one that offers BOTH.

In comparison, let's say you used Stuccco to virtually stage the property instead and your eventual buyers also happen to like the virtually staged designs. In this scenario, you can seamlessly refer your buyers to hire a Stuccco online interior designer to turn the virtually staged designs into reality. In fact, if they hire a Stuccco online interior designer, they cannot only replicate their virtually staged designs... but they can do so in a way that will EXACTLY match their unique budget, space dimensions and integrate their existing furniture and decor. And they can do all of this for a FRACTION of what it would cost them to hire an in-person designer and a FRACTION of the time it would take them to attempt to replicate the look on their own.

In other words, by choosing Stuccco as your virtual staging real estate company, not only are you getting beautiful, affordable and effective virtually staged designs... you're also helping your eventual buyers seamlessly transition into their new homes.

Imagine meeting your buyers at the closing table and saying, "Hey, you know those virtually staged designs that we had done for you? If you like (or if you wish to modify) them, you can use the same company I used - Stuccco - to hire an online interior designer to turn your virtually staged designs into reality quickly and affordably."

This will make you look like an absolute real estate rock star to your buyers because not only are you introducing them to a more affordable alternative to traditional interior design - you've already helped get them started using it.

Making sure that the virtual staging company you use ALSO provides online interior design services may seem like a subtle detail at first but when you realize how virtual staging and online interior design work in concert... And when you think about how to elevate your buyers' experiences from the moment they see their home online to the moment they close and move in... This seemingly subtle detail becomes a massive differentiator.

So, whether you're interested in virtually staging a property for the first time...

If you've been using a different resource for virtual staging...

Or if you've used Stuccco to virtually stage many listings already...

Now you know yet another crucial reason why Stuccco is your best option for virtual staging.

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