Stuccco is the easiest way to design your home

On Stuccco, you can...

  • Get inspired. Access thousands of beautiful design photos from the world's top designers completing new projects every day.
  • Get ready. Search, like and organize your favorite photos while planning your next beautiful design project.
  • Find and hire your dream designer. With a few clicks and taps, hire a designer who perfectly matches your style and budget.


Stuccco is the easiest, most streamlined way for designers to build their businesses

As a Stuccco Designer, you can...

  • Get online. Easily create an online portfolio of your work and a hub for your business in minutes - no tech knowledge is needed here.
  • Make more money, on your schedule. Be discovered - and hired - by thousands of homeowners and businesses searching for exactly what you do right now. You decide when and how much you want to design.
  • Get better. Have you seen the photos on Stuccco? When we say the world's top designers are on this platform we mean it. See what they're up to, get inspired to push your own design limits and get ideas that will make your next project your best project.
  • Pay nothing to join. It's 100% free to sign up. You only pay a small percentage of your design fee if someone hires you on Stuccco; win-win.