Everybody wants a great looking home that makes them feel happy, safe and proud but this has been blocked by complicated, expensive and inefficient design services. Yuck!

People were frustrated so Stuccco was born.

Now, homeowners and renters across the U.S. have fun using Stuccco to easily and affordably get any room in their homes and apartments professionally designed online.

How it works

We can't stand complexity like we can't stand shag carpeted bathrooms. Whether you own or rent, have a big or small budget, start from scratch or use existing furniture, Stuccco works in three simple, fun steps:

1. Hire a designer

Browse a list of qualified and vetted online interior designers then choose one to design any room in your home.

2. Collaborate

You'll work with your designer over the phone and in Stuccco, reviewing concepts, providing feedback and getting advice.

3. Done!

You'll get expert advice and final designs so you can easily visualize your new room and know exactly how to turn it into reality.

Here's a recently completed project

J. Jones Designs Before Picture
J. Jones Designs Design Rendering
J. Jones Designs After Picture

Designer: JJones Design Co.

Room: Home Office

Service type: Complete

Perfect for...

If you fit in one of these categories, you'll want to give Stuccco a big wet kiss.

New homeowners

Discover what to do with an intimidating empty room.


Transform someone else's ugly room into your favorite room.

Sellers & investors

Sell your home fast and for top dollar.


Help clients sell their homes and easily transition them into new homes.


See what a renovation will look like and how to do it on budget.

Builders & contractors

Get help choosing fixtures, hardware, tiles and more.

Terrible for...

Seriously, if you fit in one of these categories, get away, get lost, SCRAM!

The I'm-allergic-to-technology-ers

Jump ship if you're uncomfortable using the internet #yourloss

The just-do-it-all-for-me-ers

Wave the white flag if you're not willing to act on your designer's help.

The I'm-rich-as-heck-ers

If money's no object, leave and hire an overpriced in-person designer.

The I-don't-value-designers-ers

Split if you don't value talented designers and the work they do.

The I'm-bad-at-communicating-ers

Make a break for it if you don't reply to texts, chat messages, emails or calls.

The I-like-ugly-ers

Peace out if you like living and entertaining in the midst of ugliness.

Hi, I'm Matt

A few years ago I found a great apartment with old hardwood floors, natural light and exposed brick. But I didn't have the time or skills to make it beautiful so that when I had someone over (hypothetically speaking, of course), they'd say, "Ooh. Aah. You're so interesting, Matt."

I couldn't find a solution. All I could find were a bunch of beautiful room pictures to stare at online and designers who would cost me thousands and take forever.

I thought, "There's got to be a better way" so Stuccco was born.

Today, amazing designers with free time are helping people like me make their places beautiful for waaaaay less money and time.

I love my home now and I have a blast using Stuccco to continue to design it.

If you don't love your home after working with a designer on Stuccco, send me an email (matt@stuccco.com) to tell me why. I'll personally reimburse your design costs in full and act on your feedback to continue to build the world's best online interior design platform.

Much love,
Matt Langan, Stuccco Creator

Matt homepage

Here's another recently completed project

Jamie Thomas Design Before Picture
Jamie Thomas Design Design Rendering
Jamie Thomas Design After Picture

Client review:
"It was a pleasure to work with Jamie! She has a keen eye for design and really listened to how we wanted our new master bedroom to look! Jamie's proposed design totally wowed us! It was easy for us to put our new room together with instructions that included her designer touch. We will be using her as an e-designer again! We absolutely LOVE our new coastal retreat! Thank you again Jamie!"

Client: Edith G.

Client rating: 5 out of 5 stars

Designer: Jamie Thomas Design

Room: Master Bedroom

Service type: Complete

Brilliant designs and clear pricing to match any budget

Not sure which package is right for you?

Schedule a call with a Design Assistant or chat with us on Facebook.



Best for: quick ideas, answers and advice

In short: personalized design advice during a 30-minute phone call.

Ask questions like:

  • What light fixture should I buy for my dining room?
  • What color should I paint my kitchen cabinets?
  • What artwork should I buy for my wall?

Design help within: 1 business day



Best for: reorganizing or adjusting rooms

In short: personalized design advice, a high-level vision of your new room and product recommendations.

You get:

  • A 30 minute kick-off call with your designer
  • 2 initial room design concepts
  • A final 2D room design concept
  • A clickable shopping list of items to purchase based on your budget
  • A 30 minute wrap-up call with your designer

Example Designs


Projects completed within: 2 weeks



Best for: total room makeovers

In short: personalized design advice, an exact vision of your new room, product recommendations and instructions.

You get:

  • A 30 minute kick-off call with your designer
  • 2 initial room design concepts
  • A final exact 3D room design
  • A final exact aerial floor plan
  • A clickable shopping list of items to purchase based on your budget
  • Detailed setup instructions
  • A 30 minute wrap-up call with your designer

Example Designs

Divito designs entry front
Divito designs entry aerial
Divito shopping list
Divito instructions

Projects completed within: 4 weeks

More dependable than DIY. Smarter than in-person.

With Stuccco you can get any room in your home designed online - so you'll love your room's design, price and turnaround time.

Design quality Design price per room Turnaround time
Do it yourself (DIY) Average Varies Varies
In-person designer Excellent Starting at $2,000 30+ days
Stuccco Excellent Starting at $99 In as little as 1 day

Frequently asked questions

Why should I choose Stuccco?

Our team interviews each designer to ensure they're talented, empathetic and a great communicator. Stuccco offers the industry's best user experience for homeowners and designers alike. In addition to being able to find and hire premium online interior designers, you can use Stuccco to follow and interact with designers, search through and organize thousands of designs, get free design advice, exchange messages and much more.

What do I do once my project is complete?

Once your project is complete, you can implement the designs on your own or hand them off to a local professional to implement them for you. Clients often tell us they like how Stuccco gives them the flexibility to implement designs at their own pace. Some clients buy and install one recommended item at a time over many months or even years, while other clients will buy and install all recommended items in a matter of days. There's no right or wrong way - it's at whatever pace works best for you.