To love your home is to love yourself.

Lead with your heart and unapologetically be your true self.

We believe that a home should reflect and support who you are and what you want to become. It should make you feel comfortable, secure and proud. Above all else, your home should make you feel love. We built Stuccco to make it possible for everyone to have a home they love - regardless of budget, space or style.

We make it possible for everyone to love their homes by connecting them with top home designers and giving everyone tools that are beautifully designed and simple to use.

Welcome to the new, fun, smart way to design a home you'll love.
Welcome to Stuccco.

More dependable than DIY. Smarter than in-person.

Most homeowners who want well designed homes think that they have to do the design work themselves or hire a local designer. Now there's a better way. With Stuccco, you can get any room in your home designed online - so you'll love your room's design, price and turnaround time.

Design quality Design price per room Turnaround time
Do it yourself (DIY) Average Varies Varies
In-person designer Excellent $1,000+ 30+ days
Stuccco Excellent $100-$600 6-14 days

How it works

1. Book a designer

Search and book a designer. With 20+ designers available for hire, we guarantee you'll find one you love.

2. Share room details

Share details such as your room type, design requirements, room photos and dimensions.

3. Love your home

Your designer sees your project details and collaborates with you until you receive your room designs.



Ross' Stuccco Project

Here's an example of a project completed on Stuccco. The designs and details are listed here to give you an idea of how valuable booking a designer on Stuccco can be.

  • Designer hiredChristina DiVito, DiVito Designs
  • Room typesEntryway & hallway
  • Design price$350.00
  • Design deliverablesInitial concept, floor plan, 3D renderings, shopping list, setup instructions, perspective view of the finished room.
  • Turnaround time14 days
  • Client rating Star on Star on Star on Star on Star on
  • Client review

    "I can't overstate how impressed I was with Christina's talent, customer-oriented approach, and superb communication ... She EASILY beat my budget without taking shortcuts. This is something I appreciated, as it illustrated how much time she invested to find not just the right items, but the right items at the right price. I HIGHLY recommend Christina's design services to anyone in need of a phenomenally talented interior designer."

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  • Ross stuccco 2
  • Ross stuccco 3
  • Ross stuccco 4
  • Ross stuccco 1
  • Ross stuccco 2
  • Ross stuccco 3
  • Ross stuccco 4
  • Ross stuccco 1
  • Ross stuccco 2
  • Ross stuccco 3
  • Ross stuccco 4
  • Ross stuccco 1
  • Ross stuccco 2
  • Ross stuccco 3
  • Ross stuccco 4
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Frequently asked questions

What room types can I get designed on Stuccco?

You can hire a designer to design a: Basement, bathroom, bedroom, closet, deck, home office, garden, laundry, kitchen, living room, nursery, and/or dining room. Some designers might also be willing to design other room types. So if your room type is not listed here, don't let that hold you back. We encourage you to simply send the designer a message with any questions you might have directly within Stuccco. Most designers are quick to reply and happy to talk about your latest project.

What role do I play in this? How involved do I have to be?

You'll kick things off by finding and booking a designer. To book a designer, you'll be asked to complete a simple yet important checkout process that asks you to choose your room type, style preference and design requirements as well as to upload some photos of your space and list the room's dimensions. Hiring a designer only takes about 10 minutes to complete but it's very valuable for your designer so he or she can do a great job for you. Once you hire your designer, they may reach out to you to ask some follow-up questions about your project. We encourage you reply quickly and thoroughly for the best results. Overall, Stuccco is designed to streamline the entire process of finding, hiring and working with a designer so we think you'll find the experience to be very easy and even fun.

How much does it cost? What do I get? How long does it take?

Each designer sets their own price per room design, design deliverables and turnaround time. This means that what you pay, the designs you will get and how long the process takes will depend on who you hire.

But out of respect for the question, let's give you a taste of what to expect :) The price per room design range is currently $100 - $600. Most designers offer style/mood boards, 3D renderings, clickable shopping lists and installation instructions as part of their design deliverables. And the current turnaround time range is 2-30 days per room design, although most designs are completed in 7-10 days.

To see what each designer charges, offers, etc., view their Stuccco profile or jump on over to the designer listing page.

What happens when my room designs are complete?

When your designer completes your design project, you will be notified via email and you will receive your final design deliverables. You can then implement the designs on your own or hire a local professional to implement them for you. Clients love that they have the flexibility to implement their designs at their own pace.

Why should I choose Stuccco?

Choose Stuccco because we champion freedom and trust. Other platforms bring on designers who can only represent themselves as individual contractors (this does NOT help designers build their own brands). Other platforms also force designers to standardize what’s offered, how much is charged, what furniture to recommend (even if it's not in a homeowner's best interest) and how fast designs are delivered. More than half of the designers on Stuccco formerly designed for our competitors. Now they're flocking to Stuccco because we trust designers to offer what they’re uniquely best suited to offer. As a result, homeowners can choose from a variety of design deliverables, price points and turnaround times and they work with happier designers!

Like Amazon, Stuccco is a pure marketplace. Designers are reviewed and rewarded for the quality of their work. Magic happens when you trust others to do their best and give them the freedom to be themselves. Choose Stuccco if you stand for trust and freedom.


You've got questions. We'll get you answers.

Whether you're thinking about a new project or you've had your toolbelt strapped on for months, Stuccco is the perfect spot to have your design questions answered.

Open the door to bright ideas

Let's say you have a promising space but you don't have a clue what to do with it. Simply describe your dilemma, publish your post, share it with others and watch the feedback and new design ideas flood in.

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Get professional recommendations

Sometimes your cousin Joe might have good design advice. But other times his insistence on shag carpet is a little off-putting. Luckily for you there are hundreds of professional home designers on Stuccco who can provide you valuable, on-trend recommendations and insights. If you feel their help is valuable, we encourage you to send them a tip for their time - or better yet - hire them to design a room for you.

Ask friends and family

Instead of having to phone a friend, why not click a single button and get all of your friends' design ideas and feedback in minutes? By posting your design dilemma on Stuccco and sharing your post via email or on your favorite social media sites like Facebook or Instagram, others can see exactly what your space looks like, what questions you have and share their thoughts in one spot.

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