The Best Virtual Staging Companies Reviewed and Compared for 2023

Updated February 07, 2023 08:44 AM

In 2023, Virtual staging is still a relatively new concept for most home sellers and real estate agents. However, it's been proven to sell houses faster and for a higher price over and over again--for only a fraction of the cost of traditional home staging!

But searching for the right virtual staging company can be extremely overwhelming. At first glance, you'll typically see virtual staging companies competing on price and turnaround time:

best virtual staging companies search

Not sure what virtual staging is? Read the full guide on virtual staging here.

Price and turnaround time are very important features, but they don't tell the whole story. The best virtual staging companies should provide you with extremely high-quality designs, unlimited revisions, and other key features we'll discuss in this article.

To help you choose the absolute best virtual staging company for your needs, we researched 15 virtual staging companies and compared their most important and unique features.

Virtual home staging example of patio

Sample of a virtually staged patio by Stuccco

9 Best Virtual Staging Companies

If you look around the internet for the best virtual staging companies, you'll find extremely different criteria, pricing structures, and services--it can be totally confusing. While we did the research for all 15 companies, we ranked the top nine by popularity, pricing, the actual quality of their design, turnaround time, and customer service.

Pricing Turnaround time Customer Service Design Quality
Stuccco $29/photo + discount options 12-24 hours 24/7
Virtual staging solutions $75-99/photo 48 hours 9-5 M-F
Tantify $69-189/photo 12-24 hours 24/7
PadStyler $23-$39/photo 12-24 hours 24/7
RoOomy $49-$109/photo 48-72 hours N/A
BoxBrownie $24/photo 48 hours 24/7
Styldod $16-$19/photo 24-48 hours 9-6:30 M-F
VRX Staging $29/photo 1 business day 9-5 M-F
VHT Studios $79-199/photo No deadline given Hours not listed

The design score was rated by professional designers and real estate professionals. They focused on the quality of the room designs and their impact as listing photos that help sell a home for the maximum value.

  1. Stuccco
  2. Virtual Staging Solutions
  3. Tantify
  4. PadStyler
  5. RoOomy
  6. Styldod
  7. BoxBrownie
  8. VRX Staging
  9. VHT Studios

Plus, make sure you scroll down to read the additional virtual staging companies evaluated.

1. Stuccco: The Best Virtual Staging Company


Stuccco Virtual Staging Features

  • Price per photo: $29 per photo
  • Discounts available: Yes, optional subscriptions unlock 10-20% discounts
  • Turnaround time: 24 hours (12-hour turnaround is available with a $10 rush fee)
  • Customer service hours: 24/7 live chat
  • Quality of design: A+

Pros and Cons of Stuccco Virtual Staging

With a turnaround time of 24 hours, Stuccco is the fastest virtual staging company. Although it is not the cheapest, its price is extremely competitive and provides a higher quality of design with the most realistic-looking virtual furniture and decor.

Notably, Stuccco's virtual staging is done by professional designers. That means that not only will you be receiving a high-quality image, you'll also be receiving a room design or exterior design that has been fully optimized for a real estate listing. Most of the other virtual staging companies are not able to highlight the space as well as Stuccco, because they don't have the same level of expertise.

Plus, Stuccco is the ONLY virtual staging company in the world to also offer online interior design. That means you have the ability to turn your virtually staged designs into reality.

Did your buyer LOVE the staged room design? You can offer them the opportunity to achieve it with the exact products used in the virtual design. Or, they can customize the design to match their exact budget and style.

Stuccco offers the best quality of design at the lowest price point and with the best, most responsive customer service. In fact, The Spruce selected Stuccco as the best virtual staging company of 2021 and 2022.

Sample virtual staging photos with virtual furniture replacement

Plus, Stuccco has an easy order process and clear pricing structure for different services like removing furniture or doing a virtual renovation. Unlike some other options, you won't get any unpleasant surprises at the checkout page.

For all of these reasons, Stuccco is the best choice for all luxury virtual staging.

Read our full virtual staging FAQs page for more answers.

exterior virtual staging with Stuccco

Sample of exterior virtual staging and landscaping from Stuccco

To see more examples of our work, check out our virtual staging page or Facebook page.

2. Virtual Staging Solutions

virtual staging solutions logo

Virtual Staging Solutions Features

  • Price per photo: $75 per photo for basic photo, $99 for pro photo
  • Discounts available: Bundles for bulk discounts start at $300
  • Turnaround time: 1-2 days
  • Customer service hours: 9 AM - 5 PM EST, Monday - Friday
  • Quality of design: A

Pros and Cons of Virtual Staging Solutions

Virtual Staging Solutions offers a high quality of virtually staged room designs, with highly realistic-looking furniture. One of the best features of Virtual Stating Solutions is that they offer virtual renovations and virtual construction services like floor plans and 3D renders. They also offer two rounds of revisions and a money-back guarantee, which minimizes your risk.

However, Virtual Staging Solutions costs more than double the cost of Stuccco and is one of the most expensive companies out there. Plus, all orders must be done through a token system, which increases the chance of you being unable to use all your tokens and ultimately losing money.

Their timeline, 1-2 days, is longer than many of the virtual staging companies on this list, and customer service is only available during business hours.

Read the complete Virtual Staging Solutions review for more details on pricing, services, design quality, and customer reviews.

3. Tantify

Tantify logo

Tantify Features

  • Price per photo: $55-$139 per photo
  • Discounts available: Monthly subscriptions start at $2,520
  • Turnaround time: Ranges from 12-24 hours
  • Customer service hours: 24/7
  • Quality of design: A

Tantify Pros and Cons

Tantify is a New York-based virtual staging company that provides high-quality home staging designs. It's owned by Hasten, a 3D architectural company in New York City, so the designs are created with real estate value in mind. Similar to Virtual Staging Solutions, they offer virtual renderings, 3D visualization, and virtually staged 3D tours.

The most obvious downside to using Tantify for your real estate photos is the extremely high prices. Depending on the quality and the things you need to be staged, you could pay $139 for just one photo--more than four times the cost of virtually staging with Stuccco. If you don't need the additional 3D staging services, Tantify may not be the best option for your needs.

4. Padstyler

Padstyler logo

Padstyler Features

  • Price per photo: $23-$39 per photo
  • Discounts available: Bundle and bulk discounts
  • Turnaround time: Not listed, same-day delivery only available during weekends for $19 per image
  • Customer service hours: 24/7
  • Quality of design: B-

Padstyler Pros and Cons

One of the most important elements of any virtual staging company is its revision policy, and Padstyler offers unlimited revisions and a money-back guarantee. They also offer architectural rendering, which could be particularly useful for commercial real estate agents. That includes services like 3D floor plans and video walkthroughs.

However, Padstyler's image and design quality is definitely a step down from the first few virtual staging companies mentioned. You can see a full breakdown of the problems in their virtually staged spaces in our complete Padstyler review.

Another drawback to using Padstyler is that there is no specified deadline. You can pay $19 more per photo to get your image back in 12 hours, but that virtual staging service is only available from Monday through Friday. Otherwise, it could take 2-3 business days--or more!--to get your photos back. Pair that with the mediocre quality and high staging prices, and it's worth doing some research before you place an order.

5. RoOomy

Rooomy logo

RoOomy Features

  • Price per photo: $49-$109
  • Discounts available: Yes, with bulk purchases
  • Turnaround time: 2 days
  • Customer service hours: Not listed
  • Quality of design: A

RoOomy Pros and Cons

RoOomy's virtually staged designs earned a grade of A from our designers. Plus, they offer some stand-out features like Matterport tours and a 3D design app. Although the app isn't designed for real estate professionals, it could come in handy when working with clients.

However, RoOomy does not have a satisfaction guarantee and charges a fee for revisions. Plus, it takes 2-3 days to get your virtually staged photos back. Coupled with their high prices, there is an increased risk of wasting your money on these virtual staging services.

6. Styldod

Styldod Features

  • Price per photo: $19 (less than 8 photos), $16 (more than 8 photos)
  • Discounts available: $16 is the bulk discount price, plus a free trial
  • Turnaround time: 48 hours
  • Customer service hours: 9-6:30 Monday-Friday
  • Quality of design: B-

Styldod Pros and Cons

Styldod is one of the most popular virtual staging companies, and they have positive reviews online. Their order process is simple, and their list of staging and photo editing services for real estate professionals is long. Plus, it's hard to argue with the price of $16!

However, one of the main problems with Styldod is the lack of clarity in their pricing structure. Make sure that you take a closer look at their fine print--or read our full review of Styldod--before placing an order, because you may be surprised.

7. BoxBrownie

BoxBrownie logo

BoxBrownie Features

  • Price per photo: $24
  • Discounts available: No
  • Turnaround time: 48 hours
  • Customer service hours: 24/7
  • Quality of design: B

BoxBrownie Pros and Cons

BoxBrownie is arguably the most well-known virtual staging company of all. They offer an affordable price for virtual staging services and respectable quality of design. They offer more than 12 services, including floor plans, renders, and other services that are particularly beneficial in commercial real estate.

However, it's important to know that BoxBrownie's virtual staging is done by photo editors who are not designers. Although the image quality is good, you will likely not get the maximum ROI (return on investment) because the staged photos are not optimized for real estate listings.

Although BoxBrownie utilizes virtual staging software, they don't specialize in real estate or interior design. They offer photo editing services (like virtual twilight and image enhancement) in every industry, which prevents them from creating the highest quality of designs.

Get more details and a side-by-side video of Stuccco vs BoxBrownie in our Boxbrownie review.

8. VRX Staging

VRX Staging logo

VRX Staging Features

  • Price per photo: $29
  • Discounts available: No
  • Turnaround time: One business day
  • Customer service hours: 9-5 Monday - Friday
  • Quality of design: B

VRX Staging Pros and Cons

VRX Staging is owned by VRX Media, which is a real estate photography and marketing company that offers a wide range of services. Since home staging is just a small piece of their offerings, they only have a handful of virtual staging services, like blue sky, green grass, and virtual twilight.

Unfortunately, our interior designers rated the design quality of VRX Staging at a C. This is also reflected in many customer reviews. Read the complete VRX Staging review for more details about these reviews, as well as pricing, services, and quality.

9. VHT Studios

VHT Studios logo

VHT Studios Features

  • Price per photo: $79-199
  • Discounts available: No
  • Turnaround time: No deadline given
  • Customer service hours: Not listed
  • Quality of design: C

VHT Studios Pros and Cons

VHT Studios has multiple pages on their website for real estate agents, real estate brokers, and commercial real estate companies. They also offer a number of in-person services like drone photography, Matterport tours, and video walkthroughs. This is definitely a stand-out feature since virtual staging is, by nature, virtual.

However, there are a few notable problems with VHT Studios. For one, there is no turnaround time or deadline given. This is most likely due to the fact that in-person services require them to find a photographer local to you--but it's a real problem in the real estate industry.

Plus, reading through customer reviews for VHT Studios is a real roller coaster experience. They employ photographers and photo editors all over the country, and it appears that they do not have an equal level of skill. Pair this with the extremely high virtual staging costs of VHT Studios, and this is likely not an ideal choice. Read the complete review of VHT Studios for a deep dive into their virtual staging services, pricing, and customer reviews.

Additional Virtual Staging Companies

There are even more virtual staging services you may find. Here are some additional options that did not make it to our top nine:

  • VS24: VS24 offers virtual staging for $24 per photo, with add-ons like removing furniture, changing the wall, changing the floor, etc, at an additional cost
  • Virtually Staging Properties: Staged photos from Virtual Staging Properties cost between $39-60 per image, and take two business days.
  • VSH Media: Virtual Staging House Media is a small, Chicago-based company that offers virtually staged images for $24-30 with a turnaround time of 30 hours.
  • PhotoUp: PhotoUp is primarily a real estate photo editing company that offers virtual staging as part of its services. The virtual staging cost is around $25 per photo, but it is set up on a credit system.
  • Spotless Agency: Spotless Agency is another NYC-based virtual staging company with higher prices. Changing a photo's lighting is $79 per image, and professional staging is $199 per photo.
  • Visual Stager: Visual Stager is a DIY virtual staging software, not a service. ($15 per photo)

Another topic you might stumble on online is those who use DIY virtual staging software. Some agents use this because the upfront pricing for virtual staging software is usually less than the cost of a done-for-you virtual staging service. However, before choosing this route, there are some things you should keep in mind. Read more about this--and see some hilarious picture of DIY virtual staging gone bad--in our breakdown of virtual staging software.

These are seven of the most common DIY virtual staging software companies:

  • Visual Stager: Visual Stager is a DIY virtual staging software, not a service. ($15 per photo)
  • iStaging:
  • Real Tour Vision:
  • Cedar Architect:
  • Punch! Interior Design:
  • Homestyler: A complex virtual design software with a free plan
  • Apply Design: Apply design is an app that automatically generates a staged image or drag and drop virtual furniture. It costs around $7-10 per photo.

What's the Best Virtual Staging Company for You?

Don't just choose the first virtual staging service that you find online--make sure you find the right one that offers exactly what you need. Look for the best quality for the best price, a short timeline with consistent proof of results, and great customer service with real people.

Make sure you look for a virtual home staging company that offers:

  • Clutter removal
  • Furniture removal
  • Virtual furniture replacement
  • Day to dusk (or virtual twilight)
  • Paint color changes
  • Virtual renovations
  • Image enhancement

We also recommend referencing the company's portfolio of work, online reviews and even reading up on what their employees say to get a true understanding of the design and customer service quality they'll ultimately deliver.

Here's a full comparison chart from our article about the costs of virtual staging:

virtual staging company comparison chart

At Stuccco, we are confident that your research will reflect what we've found and worked hard to show. Ready to see what Stuccco could do for you? Start virtually staging today.

Stuccco living room virtually staged

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