• A virtually staged farmhouse living room *BEFORE* *AFTER*
  • A virtually staged modern dining room *BEFORE* *AFTER*
  • A virtually staged contemporary master bedroom *BEFORE* *AFTER*
For Realtors®, Brokerages & Builders

Sell Properties Faster and for More Money With Virtual Staging

Simply send photos of any property and our interior designers will design them in just 48 hours. Plus, by using Stuccco Virtual Staging, you can refer your eventual buyers to Stuccco Online Interior Design to turn their staged designs into reality; genius!

Virtually Stage Any Vacant Space

Including but not limited to...

Bedrooms - $29 Per Photo

Living Rooms - $29 Per Photo

Kitchens - $29 Per Photo

Dining Rooms - $29 Per Photo

Home Offices - $29 Per Photo

Basements - $29 Per Photo

Patios, Porches & Decks - $29 Per Photo

Commercial Offices - $29 Per Photo

Virtually Stage Any Furnished Space

Overcome buyer objections and avoid expensive, time-consuming renovation projects by having our interior designers virtually remove items, change walls, floors, ceilings and more.

Change Flooring - $15 Per Photo

Stage a Furnished Space - $39 Per Photo

Change Interior Walls, Change Flooring and Stage a Vacant Space - $59 Per Photo

Change Interior Walls, Change Flooring and Stage a Furnished Space - $69 Per Photo

Edit Any Real Estate Photo

Get any real estate photo enhanced or any exterior property photo transformed.

Photo Enhancement - $1.50 Per Photo

Day to Dusk - $39 Per Photo

Change Exterior Wall, Trim or Door Color - $39 Per Photo

The Virtual Staging Process

A three-step process that takes 48 hours or less

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1. Take Property Photos

You or your photographer takes photos of a property.

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3. Get Staged Photos

Get your photos virtually staged in 48 hours.

Thousands of Photos Staged for Real Estate Pros Across the USA

Top real estate professionals and teams rely on Stuccco for virtual staging and photo editing

five star rating

Verified Purchase

I used Stuccco to virtually stage a handful of photos on two new listings. The turnaround time was fast and easy. My clients were impressed by this additional service I was able to offer them and the photos were terrific! Both homes were in a starter price range and sold for full price immediately.

Laura Grubb

five star rating

Verified Purchase

We used Box Brownie for some interior staging in addition to Stuccco. The clear winner is Stuccco. Turnaround time, communication, etc. was superior. I just wanted to pass this along! Thank you!

Jennifer Ewart

five star rating

Verified Purchase

Stuccco provides not just another marketing approach but a full-scale virtual interior design service. The best part? Clients are extremely impressed and often cannot believe the transformations. One of the most appealing services that Stuccco provides is the vast array of design styles available for different property types.

Logan Ormerod

five star rating

Verified Purchase

I teamed up with the crew at Stuccco Virtual Staging to virtually stage a few rooms at my listing. Stuccco does an amazing job creating realistic visions of what your home could look like. What better way to lay out you floor plan than to get your creative juices flowing with some virtually staged designs.

Carrie King

five star rating

Verified Purchase

Our virtual staging resulted in a quick sale ... A big thanks to Stuccco for the virtual staging! So excited for my clients' adventures ahead!

Olivia Eberenz

five star rating

Verified Purchase

Dear Stuccco, I want to thank you for your virtual staging of my real estate photos. The experience has been incredible. You answered all questions and made all changes necessary right away. I appreciate your service and will definitely recommend you to others and use you again myself!

Angela Gannon

Free Revisions Until You’re 100% Happy – Or Your Money Back

If you're unhappy with your designs, let us know within 60 days of purchase and we'll revise your designs in the same design style and room type for free until you're completely satisfied - or your money back.

60 day happiness guarantee

Why Virtually Stage?

Why Stuccco Virtual Staging?

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