• virtually staged farmhouse living room before and after *BEFORE* *AFTER*
  • virtually staged traditional dining room before and after *BEFORE* *AFTER*
  • virtually staged contemporary master bedroom before and after *BEFORE* *AFTER*

Sell Properties Faster And For More Money With Virtual Staging

Simply send us photos of an empty property and we’ll add furniture, decor and life to them in just 36 hours.

Virtually Stage Any Empty Space

Including but not limited to...

Bedrooms - $29 Per Image

Living Rooms - $29 Per Image

Kitchens - $29 Per Image

Dining Rooms - $29 Per Image

Home Office - $29 Per Image

Foyers - $29 Per Image

Patios/Decks - $29 Per Image

Offices - $29 Per Image

Why Should I Virtually Stage a Property?

Why Should I Choose Stuccco Virtual Staging?

Frequently Asked Questions

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    Can I really get my photos virtually staged in just 36 hours?

    Yes! Stuccco's virtual stagers are located throughout the globe, which allows us to process and complete virtual staging projects 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Additional time may be required for orders with 5+ photos.

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    Can you remove items, change wall colors or replace floors or ceilings?

    Yes! Please note: If you want to place an order that requires more than virtual staging services only, our online checkout currently does not support this type of order but we can quickly handle it via email. Please email us your high-resolution photos and requirements to info@stuccco.com. Below is a detailed list of all the virtual staging services we provide and their associated prices:

    1. Virtually stage an empty room (add furniture and decor) $29.00
    2. Enhance the photo $1.50
    3. Change the room wall, trim, door, ceiling and/or house exterior color $15.00
    4. Replace the flooring $19.00
    5. Replace the ceiling $19.00
    6. Replace the walls $19.00
    7. Remove 1-2 items $4.00
    8. Remove 3+ items $8.00
    9. Remove the Stuccco logo $10.00
    10. Remove the Stuccco logo and add my logo $20.00

    If you want multiple options on this list, then you'd add the item prices together. For example, if you wanted to have three items removed (#8), the room to be virtually staged (#1), the floor to be replaced (#4) and the Stuccco logo removed (#9), then the cost would be $66.00 ($8.00 + $29.00 + $19.00 + $10.00) for that particular photo.

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    Do you stage exteriors?

    We can virtually stage outside living areas, such as patios, decks, porches, poolsides and gazebos. We can change door, window and trim colors on home exteriors ($49 per photo). We do not offer virtual landscape design.

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    Can I specify the design style?

    Yes! We work with today's most popular design styles. When placing your order, you can easily select from: Modern/Contemporary, Traditional, Scandinavian, Farmhouse, Urban/Industrial.

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    What if I want to make a change?

    No problem! We will revise any image at no cost as long as your request is submitted within 1 month of the original job and it uses the same design style.

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    Do you offer volume discounts?

    Sorry, we do not offer volume discounts. We operate on high volume and low margins and offer the same low price to all customers.

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    I love my virtually staged space. Can I purchase the items in it?

    Virtually staged rooms use furniture and decor that are not available for sale. If you or a client wants to have a room designed with items that are available for purchase and perfectly suit a given space, budget and style, then opt for online interior design!

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    I'd like my clients to use Stuccco to design their homes. How can I become an affiliate?

    Easy! Sign up for Stuccco as a home professional, go to Settings > Projects & Billing and request access. A member of our team will review and respond to your application. If you become an affiliate, you will make 10% of every Stuccco Store, Template and Online Interior Design service purchase. Contact info@stuccco.com or call us if you have any questions!