We recently welcomed our new baby girl into the world and into our home. I love her nursery but I feel like it needs more personality and color. I'm thinking it needs some colorful artwork on the walls. Any recommendations?
Thanks in advance!

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This farmhouse kitchen sports a cool arrangement of both open and closed shelving units. Would you like this kitchen? Let me know in the comments!

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There's so much going on in this space, yet it seems to work well. From the brick floors to the stainless hood, retro chairs, gum ball machine, and stainless hood... there's just so much 'candy' for the eyes to see :)

Green kitchen 2

I really appreciate how well the green cabinets, the creamy wall and the natural hardwood floors pair so well together here in this UK-based kitchen.

Green kitchen

Neutral Living room update

Jens living room design

Classic Foyer

Aponte foyer
As you can see below, this room really needs a lot of help :) I'm hoping someone can weigh in with some good ideas on how it can be improved. The room currently has plantation shutters, a bamboo floor, animal print accessories and taupe colored walls. I think there might just be too much going on...

This space is stunning, made possible by the extremely high ceilings, washed exposed brick and built-in shelves. What a cool space this is.

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