How to Make a Real Estate Single Property Website

Updated January 17, 2023 10:21 AM

Want to showcase your listings in a professional, compelling way without wasting your time, money or requiring you to be a tech wizard?

Single property websites allow you to quickly and easily showcase the positive features of a property and allow buyers to easily contact you. Done in the right way, a single property website cannot only help you sell a home, it can also help you generate a bunch of buyer leads.

In this post, you'll learn what single property websites are, why they work, and how to make a beautiful and effective one in the simplest, easiest and most affordable way. This article covers:

What is a Single Property Website?

A single property website is a website that showcases one property that’s for sale, and is often part of an agent’s listing marketing strategy.

A single property website can also be called a single property landing page. The primary difference between a single property website and a single property landing page is the number of pages that they contain.

Single property websites contain multiple web pages, each documenting a specific feature and/or selling point (e.g. the floor plan, the neighborhood, the schools, etc.) of a property.

Single property landing pages contain a single webpage that covers a variety of features and/or selling points of one property.

Because a landing page has a simpler design, it is less overwhelming for a visitor to navigate, which typically improves the user's experience and results in more conversions (i.e. filling out a lead capture form).

Single property websites and single property landing pages can be powerful tools for you to use when marketing a property. Because single property landing pages are generally simpler to create and more effective at capturing buyer leads, we recommend focusing your efforts on building a single property landing page.

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3 Reasons to Make a Single Property Website or Single Property Landing Page

Why should you make a single property website or landing page? You should already be listing the property on the MLS (which typically syndicates listings to third party real estate listing websites like and and using additional real estate marketing strategies to promote it.

So do single property websites or landing pages really work and are they worth the extra effort required to produce? In short, yes. Having a website or web page dedicated to a single property's photos and a detailed description allows you to highlight all of the home's positive features. It also gives you some control over the way that potential buyers are interacting with the property for the first time.

When you list a home on Zillow, buyers will always see the photos and they will usually skim the description, but they typically won't look much further. If the home that you are listing is in an incredible location or has recent updates, using a single property website or landing page significantly increases the chances that potential buyers will actually notice all of the positive features you want them to see instead of missing them.

As a real estate agent, there are a few significant drawbacks to relying solely on real estate marketing websites like Zillow and to generate demand for your listings. While these platforms offer a useful way to get your listings in front of thousands of people in your local market, these companies are using your listings to generate buyer leads for other agents, not for you.

If your MLS has an agreement with,,, etc., here's what happens:

  • You work very hard to earn, prepare and publish a listing on your local MLS
  • Your MLS then syndicates YOUR listing to third-party real estate websites (e.g., Zillow, Redfin, Trulia, etc.)
  • The third-party websites then use your data (ie, listings) to generate high quality buyer leads for other agents who pay for the buyer leads (in other words, YOUR LEADS are being sold to YOUR COMPETITORS)

For example, when interested buyers see your listing on Zillow and want to take a tour of your listing or get more information about it, they click "("Contact Agent")" and fill out a form.

The problem is that Zillow doesn't send those leads to you, which is where they should go (after all, you earned the listing). Instead, Zillow is making money selling the lead to one of their Premier Agents who pay a lot of money (hundreds or thousands of dollars per month depending on the ZIP code) to get the lead routed to them.

example Zillow listing vs single property website

Sample Zillow listing

The process is the same for, Trulia (owned by Zillow), and Redfin.

Realtor listing vs single property website

Sample listing

These real estate marketplaces have designed their own funnels for buyer leads - and they are raking in the dough because of it.

This behavior is exactly why most agents hate Zillow. However, MLSs allow this behavior to persist because they want their members' listings to get more visibility, which the Zillows of the world can provide.

The great news is that there is a better way that allows agents to generate their OWN leads from their OWN listings, which is by creating a single property website or webpage and driving traffic to it.

The final reason that you should create a single property website is because it's incredibly easy to do. You don't have to buy a domain name and code an entire website for each property. In fact, with the right tools, you can create a full property website in less than five minutes.

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How to Make a Beautiful Single Property Website in 5 Minutes - with Zero Tech Overwhelm

In order to build a single property site, you need the right tool. A quick Google search will show you that there are tons of single property website builders available. You could even hire a website developer and/or designer to build a new property site for every listing if you want to spend a lot of time and money.

Ultimately, using single property websites as part of your real estate strategy comes down to finding and choosing the best property site builder for you. But we'll go ahead and guess that the best single property website builder for you is fast, easy, cost-effective, and beautiful.

That's why Stuccco invented Property Pages, a feature that automatically converts a completed virtual staging order into a beautiful web page that showcases the listing and captures leads for you.

You don't have to spend hours stressing over a website design or hiring a developer to build a single property website for you. All you have to do is place a virtual staging order. Within 24 hours, your property's photos will be virtually staged and a single property website will be automatically generated, which you can then easily share and run advertisements to.

What Does a Single Property Website Include?

Let's save you some research. Successful single property websites include.

Stuccco single property website example

Example of Stuccco's Single Property Website

1. Beautiful Visuals

If you want to sell a home for the highest price in the least amount of time, then beautiful listing photos are absolutely essential. Not even the most effective marketing methods can make up for images that are dim, blurry, and show a room full of clutter.

Although we recommend hiring a real estate photographer, you can easily learn how to take great photos. But in addition to having a bright, clear image, your single property website should showcase a beautifully staged home. After all, there's a reason why staged homes sell 87% faster and for 17% more.

This does not mean that you need to carve an extra month and thousands of dollars into the sales process of every listing in order to hire a traditional home staging company. Instead, you can use virtual staging and receive beautifully designed images of the property within 24 hours.

You can use virtual staging to remove clutter, change the flooring, add furniture, enhance your image, and so much. It takes about five minutes to place the order, and Stuccco's interior designers know exactly how to optimize every listing photo for the best real estate value.

virtual staging bedroom example before and after

Example of a bedroom before and after virtual staging with Stuccco

virtual staging rooftop example before and after

Example of a rooftop before and after virtual staging with Stuccco

Your listing photos can make or break the success of your single property website (as well as your real estate listing), so make sure they are beautifully designed. Get your first virtual staging photo by tomorrow!

2. A Detailed and Easy-to-Read Property Description

While the listing photos will do the heavy work (pictures are worth a thousand words, after all), your listing description is an important way to make sure the viewers know all of the benefits of the home that can't be shown in pictures. You can highlight the upgrades the homeowners have made, location, nearby stores or highways, and the neighborhood environment.

Another useful tip is to read your listing description out loud to make sure it sounds natural. Don't try to use fancy words or real estate lingo. Make it easy for potential buyers to read the description without getting confused or wondering what something means.

3. A Clear and Visible Call to Action

Now that you have a beautiful property website with bright, staged photos and an interesting, detailed property description - don't leave buyers hanging! Make sure they know exactly what to do next. Simply displaying your contact information is not enough.

You need a clear call to action, ideally in more than one spot on your single property landing page. Here are a few options to phrase your call to action:

  • Contact Agent
  • Make an Appointment
  • Send Me a Message
  • Get More Information

4. A Lead Capture Form

The vast majority of people who view your property website will be potential buyers who are actively looking for a new home. These are all people in your target audience, so you can and should use your landing page to generate buyer leads! You can do that by ensuring that your single property website builder includes lead capture forms.

Stuccco single property website lead capture form

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5. Access to Basic Data and Analytics

You shouldn't publish your single property website and then just wait for your phone to start ringing. In order to get the most value from your property site, you need to share it and then track the results. It's very important that you have access to insights about your website, like how many people are visiting the website and how many buyers leads it is creating.

single property website analytics

These analytics help you understand more deeply how impactful your single property website is. You can also report these numbers to the home sellers to show them all the activity that is going on behind the scenes. After a successful sale, you can even use these numbers in your marketing to attract new listing leads.

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6. Share Links

Your single property website is only as powerful as your promotional methods. You need to get your property site in front of potential buyers in order to see its true impact. The most basic way to do that is by including social links to make it easy for your network and other real estate professionals to share the website to social media, via email and via text message.

Arguably the most powerful method of getting eyes on your property website is by running real estate ads. Running ads on Facebook, Instagram, Google, or LinkedIn can put your website directly in front of a targeted audience and generate the best results even with a small investment.

Who Are Single Property Websites Best for?

Most Realtors® think that single property websites are only used for high-end properties or commercial properties, but that isn't always the case. Creating single property sites can benefit anyone who wants to sell a property for the maximum value.

Do Single Property Websites Work?

Using single property websites is an extremely underrated method for real estate agents and brokers to sell a house - it's also an effective lead generation method! If you're ready to sell your properties faster, gather buyer leads, and win more listings, this strategy is for you. Create single property websites in just a few minutes, with no additional cost and no confusing technical steps by placing a virtual staging order with Stuccco. When your photos are virtually staged, your property page will be automatically generated and ready to be shared with the world.

It’s a no brainer--start your virtual staging order now!

Stuccco single property website lead capture form

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