Complete VRX Staging Review: Pros, Cons, and Alternatives

Updated January 17, 2023 10:12 AM

VRX Staging is a virtual staging company that offers a handful of the top staging services. It's connected to VRX Media, a real estate photography and media company, which makes them a popular choice. This article is designed to help you decide if VRX Staging is the best virtual staging software for you.

We'll cover:


example of virtually staged photos for real estate agents
example of virtually staged photos for real estate agents

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VRX Staging Pricing and Services

Both VRX's website and their virtual staging services are simple. Therefore, it's easy to find all of their virtual staging prices and services.

There are a total of five virtual staging services, which are:

  • Virtual staging: $29 per photo
  • Virtual staging + furniture removal: $55 per photo
  • Virtual twilight: $10 per photo
  • Blue sky green grass: $5 per photo
  • Wall paint color change: $15 per photo
exterior virtual staging photo

Virtual twilight from VRX Staging

Quality of VRX Staging's Virtual Staging Designs

Because of the simplicity of VRX Staging's website, there are not an extensive number of their virtual staging images online. The best way to view their photos before and after staging is by using the photo sliders on the home page.


virtual home staging from VRX staging

Blue sky/green grass example from VRX Staging

There are also some other examples of virtual staging on the "Style Guide” page of their website. Although you can't see what the spaces looked like before staging, you can get a good idea of the quality level you can expect.

Overall, we'd rate the quality of VRX Staging's designs as a 7/10. Many of their staged designs look completely realistic, and the furniture fits the space well. Unlike some other virtual staging companies like VHT Studios, the photos are taken from the right angles of the space.

This is a great example:


virtual furnishings for real estate from VRX Staging

Image via VRX Staging

For more details, read about how to take photos for virtual staging and for the best quality listing photos.

VRX staging quality

Image via VRX Staging

However, some photos from VRX Staging fall short. For example, in the following photo, the desk chair is facing the wrong direction, and the left curtain panel is missing.

In addition, the bookshelf does not look as realistic as should be expected. If one of the Stuccco interior designers had staged this room, there would be numerous changes to make the room feel much more open and appealing to buyers.


VRX staging low quality of design

Image via VRX Staging

Another example is this photo of a living room. The scale of the photo is confusing, with the accent chair appearing to be very large, but the light fixture and couch look like they are far away.

As for the actual staging of the furniture, the room is heavily staged on the left side of the room, with a large, open space to the right of the room. If a potential buyer was scrolling through property photos, it's unlikely this one would make them stop and think, "I have to go see this house!”

Example of VRX virtual staging photos

Image via VRX Staging

Pros of VRX Staging

Here are three of the best features of VRX Staging:

1. Competitive Pricing

VRX is actually one of the most affordable virtual staging companies out there, with pricing that is comparable to Stuccco. Both companies offer virtual staging at $29 per photo, and additional services (i.e., changing the wall color, removing furniture and adding virtual twilight) at an additional cost.

However, VRX doesn't offer any discount options at all. Read more about that below.

2. Great Reviews

It's always important to look at a company's reviews before paying for a service. VRX Staging has reviews on Redfin, Facebook, and Bark, and the vast majority of the reviews are extremely positive.

A large portion of reviews don't have a description and reference services from VRX Media. However, here are some examples of both positive and negative VRX Staging reviews:

Positive VRX Studio Reviews

"Photos were incredible--really drew people to the house on Redfin and other sites.”

"Amazing photos, and the drone photos were so cool too. I enjoyed learning about the photography, 360 walkthrough process, and drone technology. thanks so much and great job!”

"Solid photos, maybe could have moved things out of frame or decluttered more, but overall happy.”

Negative VRX Staging Reviews

"There were parts of the house that probably should not have been included in the photos/3D video.”

"They took pictures at night, water hose running in the backyard, curtains halfway open. I took better pictures than they did.”

3. Connection to VRX Media

Although VRX Staging offers a handful of virtual staging services, it's a subset of the larger real estate photography service of VRX Media. VRX Media offers real estate photography in locations around the country, video services, and drone photography. If you live in one of the locations where VRX Media is available, this could help you get good quality photography.


aerial photo from VRX media

Example of aerial photography from VRX Media

Cons of VRX Staging

There are some features of VRX virtual staging that you may want to consider before purchasing.

1. Revision Limitations

VRX Staging only allows one revision for each virtually staged photo. Even though you can hope that you won't need any revisions for your virtual staging, the reality is that you might be underwhelmed with some of the designs from VRX.

There is a little bit more risk involved when a virtual staging service limits revisions, because it means there's a chance that you might pay for the service and not be able to benefit from the result. On the other hand, Stuccco offers unlimited revisions and a satisfaction guarantee.

2. Service Limitations

There are only five basic virtual staging services offered from VRX Staging. If you only need to add furniture to a vacant photo or make the exterior photo a little more colorful, then this will be fine. However, there are a lot of limitations to these services.

To contrast, these are all the virtual staging services from Stuccco:

  • Add furniture and decor
  • Remove items and add/replace furniture and decor
  • Change interior wall, trim, or cabinet color
  • Change flooring
  • Change ceiling
  • Change exterior wall, trim, or door color
  • Change landscaping
  • Day to dusk
  • Photo enhancement

By adding these services, there is a much larger range of ways you can market a listing. It's difficult for buyers to imagine properties when they aren't finished, so staging the landscaping or a renovation can be the deciding factor.


virtual staging landcape from Stuccco

Exterior virtual staging from Stuccco


3. Unavailable on Weekends and Holidays

VRX Staging offers a quick turnaround time of one business day--however, they close on weekends and all holidays. The problem is that the real estate industry doesn't slow down for weekends or holidays.

If you need to get a listing up quickly, you will want to work with a virtual staging company that is available 24/7. With Stuccco, all listings are done in 24 hours or less--regardless of the day of the week.

4. No Discounted Options for Bulk Orders

Even though VRX Staging's pricing is affordable, there are no opportunities for discounts. Every virtually staged photo will cost $29, even if you are constantly placing orders.

At Stuccco, we offer memberships that can potentially save you hundreds of dollars on the best quality virtual staging on the market. Memberships are not required, but provide a 10% or 20% off every single order.

5. No Home Staging and Design Expertise

Even though all virtual staging companies use virtual staging software, it matters who is actually doing the staging. At VRX Staging (as well as every other virtual staging solution), the stagers aren't actually professional designers. They are simply people who have been trained to use the software.

On the other hand, the best virtual staging is done with a combination of high quality software and real-life design and real estate expertise. Stuccco is the only virtual staging company who employs professional interior designers to do every single staging order.

You can see the difference in design quality when you compare any of VRX and Stuccco's staged photos:


Bad example of virtual staging for real estate listings

Virtually staged living room from VRX Staging


Virtual staging from a professional home stager at Stuccco

Virtually staged image from Stuccco

If you want listing photos that will make potential buyers stop and schedule an appointment, Stuccco is the clear choice.

VRX Staging Alternatives

Now that you have all the facts about VRX Staging, let's compare it with the best virtual staging company: Stuccco!

Vacant listing photos staged by Stuccco
Vacant listing photos staged by Stuccco

Example of virtually staged image from Stuccco

Here are some of the most important features of Stuccco virtual staging:

  • $29 per virtually staged photo
  • Guaranteed 24-hour turnaround time
  • Unlimited revisions
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Money-back guarantee
  • Images staged by professional interior designers
  • Membership options available to unlock discounts
  • Customer ratings of 5/5
  • The only virtual staging company that enables buyers to turn virtually staged designs into reality via Stuccco online interior design
  • Named the best Virtual Staging company of 2021 by The Spruce

Comparison of VRX Staging and Stuccco

Feature VRX Staging Stuccco
Price $29per image $23.90 - $29 per image
Virtual staging by interior designers X Yes
24-hour turnaround time for virtual staging X Yes
Exterior Virtual Staging X Yes
Virtual Landscape Design X Yes
Online Interior Design X Yes
Subscription options for discounts X Yes
Unlimited revisions X Yes

It takes less than five minutes to place an order with Stuccco--and you can get the step-by-step instructions here.

Ready to see the impact of virtual staging on your business? Place your order now.

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