Casey Hardin, creator of The Karma Corner, is a multi-dimensional designer who infuses joy and positivity into each space she creates. Casey specializes in modern farmhouse, bohemian, and eclectic design. In addition to interior design, her artistic background includes landscape architecture, graphic design, and jewelry design. Casey is an avid blogger who loves sharing her knowledge of home decor tricks and design inspiration with clients and beyond (check out the blog at www.thekarmacorner.com). She is a big fan of bold color and unique pieces, bringing together textures and objects from a multitude of styles to create rooms that are 100% unique to each of her clients.

Casey graduated from North Carolina State University College of Design where she was named the Leader of the Pack out of over 30,000 students. She holds an accredited degree in Landscape Architecture which has allowed her a unique perspective in her successful career as an interior designer. As a designer, Casey believes every space is an opportunity to create positive energy, and she loves being a part of that creation with her clients.  Whether you want a transitional living room, a glam home office, or a zen bedroom oasis, Casey's eye for detail and ability to blend colors and styles will not disappoint.

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5.0 out of 5 stars
Usman Shaikh
Casey helped me design my outdoor patio area. I was very impressed with her knowledge of landscape design and plants. She was very efficient, quick to respond, and did an amazing job!
Michael Jenkins
I could not be happier with Casey. Her design skills are impeccable, and she couldn't have been kinder during the entire process. She was just fantastic.

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Casey Hardin Cozy Master Bedroom
Taking on new projects
5.0 Out of 5 Stars
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