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Paint color ideas
Missing Alyssa Rodger Updated 3 days ago | 2 Comments |

The walls in my bedroom are currently a very dull beige. I’m torn between going with something dramatic like a dark sage-y green, or a simpler white.  I’m also not very good at design and fashion so I don’t know if the room would be too much white. Once the walls are painted I will add some ... more
Chair Recover
Missing Kelly Heitz Updated 5 months ago | 2 Comments |
I want to recover these old chairs. They were my parents and I love the shape, but the fabric is dated and worn. I plan to recover and keep the shape, but loose the skirts.
I love the look of a dark blue or green velvet, but I'm afraid with a dog (shedding golden retriever) it's not a practi... more
Turning my biggest barn into an event/reception center
Missing Sarah Davis Updated 6 months ago | 11 Comments |
I have decided to do a 180 and turn my old hay barn and corn crib into an event center. Im stuck as to where the bar, restrooms, and dining tables and seats will sit. Any suggestions at all will be greatly appreciated. Running on a shoe string budget. The exterior has been refurbished w many new... more
Looking for a modern, minimal lamp and rug combo
Missing Skylar Langan Updated 10 months ago | 1 Comments |
Looking for a modern, minimal lamp and rug combo for my living room. Any inspiration or ideas are welcome!
Landscaping recommendations?
Matt Langan Matt Langan Updated 10 months ago | 2 Comments |
This is my family's cabin located in southern Kentucky on Lake Cumberland.

This picture is taken from the front, which has a large gravel driveway.

With the tree coverage, it's pretty difficult to get much direct sunlight on the landscaping around the house. However, I would lik... more
Front Hall Love
Missing Chapman Montgomery Updated 10 months ago | 3 Comments |
Dreaming of two huge ivory somethings (art? drawings? stencils?) behind these 1800s Parisian leather chairs in the first photo.  Perhaps a light gray oriental rug of some sort to warm up the space as well... any design sparks flying on any of these tangents?  Would love it if you were so inspired... more
To Chandelier, or not to Chandelier
Missing Chapman Montgomery Updated 10 months ago | 4 Comments |
So I'm loving how the rest of the room has come together, but the one question that remains is whether to add a chandelier to the center of the room, or leave it as is.  

Love the wall sconces, and a chandelier might detract from them
There's a TV, so chandelier w... more
Art above bed
Missing Chapman Montgomery Updated 10 months ago | 5 Comments |
Looking to figure out the art I'd put above the headboard of this new bed just crafted for me.  For some reason, just adding a rectangular landscape seems like its over-rectangling the space.  Maybe 3 of something cool, even sculptures spread across the space?

Rest... more