Caryn Menches is a California Certified Interior Designer and the Principal Designer/Owner of Modern Lotus Interiors in Orange County, California.

Caryn’s design journey started as an insurance claims adjuster reviewing Residential Property Inspection and Estimating in Catastrophe areas throughout the country for nearly a decade. She was very hands on in this role, often climbing roofs or crawling around buildings! This experience gives Caryn that “extra edge” and definitely a step above in her field, as she truly has an expert knowledge of building codes, construction protocols, building materials, and more. Caryn has a master’s eye for what building inspectors and contractors look for and need in order to complete a project.

Caryn holds a Bachelor’s Degree in TV/Film from Cal State Fullerton, and a Master’s Degree in Interior Architecture from UCLA/Cal Poly Pomona.

Caryn also infuses her knowledge of holistic healing into every space. Also a Certified Practitioner of Holistic Medicine, this special niche is Caryn’s way of helping to bring about a healthier space for your lifestyle.

Caryn designs Commercial and Residential properties throughout the Southern California area with an emphasis on restorative, healing spaces. Caryn is also a pioneer in Online Design (working on design projects virtually anywhere!). Caryn is THE design professional that can help bring your interior design visions to life.

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Master Bedroom
Caryn Menches Master Bedroom
Master Bedroom
Caryn Menches Master Bedroom
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