I am passionate about using my creative ideas in a design to capture customers' imagination. Both with latest trends and architecture tools help me translate my ideas fluently. 

I look for the endless possibilities found in the unity of contemporary, modern, and transitional design.

In the conceptual phase, I design the interior of a space based on the architecture of the home and the key customer needs. Create options for the given space and want my customers to have a place where they cannot get enough off.

Currently, residence in Bay, I have lived in Europe, and in India and traveled the globe. I have experienced different cultures and environments and have explored different cities and have absorbed the unique lifestyles each vibrant region has to offer. This has led me to develop different styles.


I have done my master's in Business Management. From the very beginning, I had a unique interest in designing. I was practicing designing as a part-time hobby but later decided to study design as a profession. After studying for years and understanding the profession I finally found the career that I really love.


Visualizing a place as an idea, and then working on the requirements, needs and then converting it into a structure, gives my clients the ability to visualize their dreams in reality. 


I believe in simple, functional, and elegant solutions and use different aspects of design to create spaces that are both functional as well as aesthetically pleasing.

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Home office
Mini Gangwal Home office
Home Office
Mini Gangwal Home Office
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Mini Gangwal Modern Living room
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