Exterior update to a 1960's brick home. Adding a few inexpensive pieces of trim, or window boxes can really achieve a whole new look! Painting out the door from time to time and changing up the landscaping will keep the entry looking fresh and new.

Katherine lent posted 4 images to Brick Exterior

Classic B&W contrast creates a crisp and well-tailored look. Added hardscape and landscape.

This photo by Victor Jacovlev and color palette by AkulaKreative.com inspired this mysteriously intense 'coastal' bedroom.

This photo/color palette combo from CreativeMarket.com inspired the pairing of this artwork and furnishings for a lively home offce or homeschool room.

I was inspired by this photo and then I found this large wall art. The colors are bright but not aggressive.

 'In Plain Sight' is the group from which this piece of art is from. The one of a kind colors and textures of aging infrastructure all around us can also inspire us.

The warm and cool colors of these paintings inspired this comfortable bedroom.

An 'ode' to Geodes! This Powder Room/Guest Bath on a budget was inspired by the Geode-like artwork. I’ve used a teak single vanity with gold center set faucet, an easy to hang surface mount mirror/med cabinet with lots of storage, and Stacked Stone Composite Peel & Stick Mosaic Tile for an accent section of a wall. It is super easy to install, no grout, special tools, or installer, and is actual stone!

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