E-Designer Project FAQs & Helpful Resources

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Who schedules the kick-off and wrap-up calls? How should they be conducted?
When you’re hired, you’ll receive a notification with the details of your new project. Next, reach out to your client to schedule a project kick-off call. When you’re finished with the project, you’ll schedule a project wrap-up call. You can conduct these calls on any platform (Skype, cell phone, etc.) and in any way you and your client prefer. The purpose of the kick-off call is to build rapport and better understand the client’s hopes, fears and dreams as well as set their expectations for how you’ll help them. The purpose of the wrap-up call is to review the final deliverables and answer any questions your client might have about the deliverables and how to bring their designs to life.

What does “direct messaging while the project is being completed” mean?
This means that while you’re working on the project, your client can exchange messages with you. These messages can be exchanged however you and your client would like to exchange them (e.g. using Stuccco’s messaging feature, Facebook Messenger, text message, Skype, email, Slack, etc.). Maintaining ongoing communication will help support a healthy collaboration between you and your client. By all means, ongoing communication doesn’t mean you have to be available 24/7, replying within seconds of receiving a client’s message. Remember, it’s your client – not Stuccco’s – so be as available and as responsive to them that you deem appropriate.

What’s included in the initial design concepts?
Initial design concepts are visuals of room design ideas you have for your client, based on the design requirements and style preferences they’ve shared with you. Design concepts could include sketches, digital renderings, pictures of textures, patterns, color swatches, furniture, hardware, other completed rooms that serve as inspiration, etc.

You may want to accompany the design concepts with brief summaries of what’s represented. The purpose of sharing the initial design concepts is to touch base with the client mid-project to get their feedback so you can get a clearer understanding of the direction to take when preparing the final 3D room layout and floor plan.

What’s included in the final 3D room layout and floor plan?
The final 3D room layout is the client’s designed space including all furnishings, colors, textures, etc. The floor plan is a drawing to scale, showing a view of the designed space from above, that includes dimensions. See the example final deliverables below for an idea of what this looks like.

What’s included in the clickable shopping list?
The clickable shopping list should contain the name of the product, it’s price, any special instructions (e.g. Its color, whether it should be bought as a set, etc.), its price and a link to where it can be purchased. If it’s not available online, you can alternatively describe how the product can be purchased offline. See the example final deliverables below for an idea of what this looks like.

What’s included in the setup instructions?
Setup instructions should describe how your client can bring their final designs to life. The specifics of what to include will depend on the design. Examples of what could be included is how to wallpaper or paint a wall, hang curtains, install a backsplash, install a wall decal, etc. The instructions should be thorough enough that your client could give your instructions to a local professional and the local professional could execute your design without needing further assistance. See the example final deliverables from La Fate Inc. below for an idea of what this looks like.

Why $599 per room?
The reason we’ve decided to set the price at $599 per room is because this offering is comprehensive, it’s personal, and you all are some of the best designers in the world. You put a lot of hard work into each project and your time is valuable, so you need to be compensated accordingly.

This price will position Stuccco as a more premium e-design offering in comparison to competing platforms. That’s intentional! Stuccco will be the go-to platform for homeowners who want a highly personalized and professional design. Price won’t be a major concern to homeowners if they know that by working with a designer through Stuccco, they will get a great experience and a beautifully designed room.


Example final deliverables
Here are examples of projects successfully completed on Stuccco. Each project received a 5-star review.
Di Vito Design entry and hallway design. Please note: this is missing setup instructions
La Fate Inc. kitchen design

Feel free to use these templates to send clients your initial design concepts and final room designs.
Initial Design Concepts Template
Final Room Design Template

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