What happens when an interior designer meets a tiny house

Updated March 16, 2017 08:53 PM

These days, going tiny is the new big thing. Just take a look at this Google Trends chart to see how steady and strong user interest has climbed...

When you consider the cost-efficiency and flexibility that tiny house living affords, it's easy to see the appeal. The struggle, though, is how to get the most out of such a small space. Although most folks are puzzled by the design challenges presented to them by going tiny, a couple from Kamouraska, Canada seemed to navigate the challenge with relative ease. In just 40 days Pascual Dubé and Catherine Duval - owners of the tiny house building company, “Ma Maison Logique” which means “My Logical House” - were able to design and build a beautiful tiny house on wheels. And if you think the exterior is something straight from a magazine...

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... just take a look at the inside! If your jaw hasn't already dropped, it most certainly will now. It's no surprise that Catherine is an interior designer...

For a full tour of the home (and to listen to Catherine's perfect accent), watch the video below:

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