Tour Çasa Tiny, The Mexican Tiny House Set By The Sea [Photos]

Updated January 21, 2019 12:00 AM

Welcome to Casa Tiny, hugged by dense vegetation yet steps from the sea...

The tiny home for two is located in Puerto Escondido, Mexico, part of the Oaxaca Coast.

It makes perfect sense that Puerto Escondido is the home of the secluded retreat. Puerto Escondido means “Hidden Port,” which is still an appropriate name to this day. The town, which is known for its great surfing conditions, doesn’t have any direct flights to it from the U.S. or Canada and it has few resorts.
Playa Carrizalillo is one of the most popular local beaches. Shutterstock / CNN

The architectural wonder was designed by Aranza de Ariño who completed her graduate degree from Harvard University’s Graduate School of Design in 2018.

Although this is certainly a tiny house, Casa Tiny is not intended to be relocated with ease like many American structures of similar size.

Its gabled roof, tread stairs, floor slabs and furniture are made out of concrete.

The doors, closets, shelves and windows are made out of parota wood, which comes from a fast-growing tree native to the area and is known for its distinct grain patterns and neutral golden-brown coloring. It’s also a relatively affordable option given its beauty, which is perfectly demonstrated in this tiny structure.

The tiny house includes a bathroom, bedroom, kitchen, dining/living area and swimming pool. Its concrete terraces that extend out from the home’s interior help seamlessly connect the interior to the home’s surroundings. The stunning photos taken of this space are from Camila Cossio.


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