19+ Outdoor Staging Ideas

Updated January 17, 2023 10:26 AM

Many people mistakenly believe that staging a house for sale only means moving furniture in and out of the home. However, it's more important than ever before to put time and effort into staging a home's outdoor spaces! The good news is that it's relatively simple to turn any outdoor space--even a bland, forgotten backyard--into a relaxing space that compels buyers to visit.

Read on for over 19 of the best outdoor staging ideas:

  • 6 tips for staging outdoor spaces
  • 4 ideas for staging a front porch
  • 4 ideas for backyard staging
  • 3 ideas for patio staging
  • 2 ideas for deck staging

Keep in mind that staging an outdoor space is a very different task than renovating it. There are hundreds of ways to upgrade your exterior, like pouring concrete, building a pergola, and adding in full garden beds. However, this article is focused on staging, not redoing. Keep reading to learn how you can help the home stage for more money by strategically adding a few pieces of furniture and finishing touches.

6 Tips for Staging Outdoor Spaces

Before reading through the fun and unique staging ideas in this article, make sure you start with a fresh canvas. In the world of home staging, there are some things that need to be done whether you're staging a luxury property, an apartment, or a home's backyard.

Even the perfect decor won't help you sell a home for the most money if the space is visibly dirty, covered in weeds, and full of the original owner's personal items.

  • Declutter: This is an essential step in all home staging. Any furniture, decor, or outdoor toys should be removed to make the space appealing to new buyers.
  • Remove personal items: Even if you love garden gnomes or your metal flamingos, prospective buyers might not. However, staging your outdoor area often requires adding decorations and accessories, so it's worth consulting a professional to find out what should stay.
  • Clean up landscaping: Make sure to remove all weeds and trim shrubbery to give your exterior an immediate facelift
  • Clean all surfaces: Use a pressure washer to remove dirt and freshen up your deck, patio, fences, siding, and windows in just a few hours.
  • Add exterior lighting: In our breakdown of what buyers want in a home, exterior lighting was tied for the number 1 most important feature. Many real estate agents and homeowners don't put as much value into this as they should.
  • Make repairs: While you don't need to do major construction or landscaping projects, making repairs to structures like fences, patios, or raised planting beds will make a big difference for prospective buyers.

When potential buyers view your home in person or online, they should be able to imagine themselves living in the space. By following the steps above, you can make your home's exterior shine.

If you want your home or listing to stand out but don't want to purchase and set up physical furniture and decor, there's a clear solution. Virtual staging can stage any outdoor space in just 24 hours--and for a fraction of the cost of making physical improvements. While we still highly recommend using the steps listed to make your exterior and outdoor spaces feel like a blank slate, virtual staging can help attract the right buyers.

before and after exterior virtual staging Stuccco

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4 Ideas for Staging a Front Porch

If you're lucky enough to have a front porch, you should be aware that it is going to have a major impact on the home's curb appeal and buyer's overall attraction to it. There are a few foolproof ways to decorate a front porch and make sure you're maximizing the home's appeal.

1. Add Seating (Even if it's Small)

Whether you have room to add chairs, rocking chairs, an outdoor couch, or only a small stump--seating is a key to making the home feel inviting.

Seating can be extremely simple, but consider installing a porch swing if you have room. Porch swings have significantly grown in popularity and

2. Add Styled Decor

Even for those who struggle with decorating their home, making a front door beautiful is extremely easy. In fact, you can't go wrong by adding a vertical sign, layering door mats, and hanging a neutral wreath.

3. Add Potted Plants

You'll see this suggestion in almost every section--potted plants are much easier to purchase, install, and move, and can immediately add color and sophistication.

If you happen to be selling your home in the Fall, make sure to purchase a few pumpkins to immediately elevate the style on your front porch. This is a great way to add your own style to the home without limiting its appeal.

4. Paint Your Front Door

There have been numerous studies on the impact of different front door colors. It's undeniable that the color and style of your front door can have a heavy impact on the home's curb appeal.

If your front door doesn't need a color refresh, make sure it still looks new with a quick pressure wash.

4 Ideas for Front and Backyard Staging

Over the last two years, staging statistics show that searches for outdoor spaces and backyard amenities have increased by massive percentages. With homeowners and renters spending much more time at home, it's more important than ever to have an outdoor living area. Read through these 4 ideas to make even an empty backyard feel like an attraction.

1. Create a Defined Seating Area

You'll find that in all outdoor areas, adding seating is the most direct way to make the space feel like a living area. Instead of simply adding chairs around the yard, think about creating zones and designated seating areas.

This way, even a yard with nothing but grass can become a main attraction.

Adirondack chairs are common in yards, but try adding a few unique types of seating, like a standing hammock or outdoor daybed. Standing hammocks don't require any technical installation, but feel like a step up from plastic chairs.

2. Add Colorful Annuals

Flower beds are the most timeless element in outdoor staging. Even a few well-placed flowers or potted plants will improve your front and backyard.

3. Add Storage

Storage is extremely valuable to all buyers, in the interior and exterior of any home or property. You don't need a full shed to add storage to your backyard--just add a storage bench or an outdoor bar cabinet.

4. Upgrade Exterior Lighting

Pay attention to all sources of light in your front and backyard. Changing your light fixtures is a simple and affordable way to add light to the home's exterior and make it feel fresh.

In addition, think about how you can add lighting along your landscaping. This is a guaranteed way to catch the eye of all buyers. In most cases, this requires professional expertise from an electrician and/or landscaper. However, try simply adding outdoor rope lighting to your garden beds or edging and see how it elevates the space.

3 Ideas for Patio Staging

If the house you're staging has a patio or a deck, the possibilities are very similar. Feel free to mix and match the ideas and tips in both of the following suggestions for your space.

1. Create a Dining Area

Buyers will love opening the door to your backyard and seeing an additional space to eat meals, host friends, or simply relax on weekends. There are an endless number of ways to create a dining area, but having seating and a dining table or coffee table is essential. Even a tiny patio can benefit from a small bistro table and a few chairs.

Deck staging, before and after

Virtually staged patio by Stuccco virtual staging

2. Add Colorful Accents

Think about decorating your patio furniture in the same way that you think about decorating your porch. Keep it simple, and add a few simple pieces to soften the space. Add an outdoor rug under the table, toss a blanket over the chair or couch, and add a few bright pillows.

3. Use Shrubs for Natural Edging

Patios often don't have a well-defined edge, and that limits privacy if your backyard is open. It's not necessary to build a fence or add a railing to get privacy--you can create it naturally. Try adding shrubs or trees in large planter boxes to clearly define your patio space.

2 Ideas for Deck Staging

As previously mentioned, decks and patios are similar in terms of staging possibilities. Adding seating and colorful decor will help attract buyers in both spaces. However, decks can present you with a few additional staging options.

1. Add Movable Deck Accessories

Did you ever think your deck railing could be functional space? With a few unique deck accessories, you'll stand out from every other house on the market.

Here are a few of the top deck railing accessories to try

  • Deck rail table
  • Deck rail cupholder
  • Umbrella mount
  • Flower box holder
  • Dog bowl
Fun deck accessories

Deck rail table by Wayfair

The rest of the space can also be filled with fun deck accessories, like a storage bench, hammock, outdoor curtains, or a fire pit table.

2. Utilize Space Under the Deck

Some decks uniquely create a second livable outdoor space underneath them. If you are one of the lucky few with a deck area and a patio underneath, take advantage of it!

Stage the space under your deck by adding furniture, a rug, storage, a porch swing, and maybe even a water feature.

Outdoor Staging Takeaways

Staging in the outdoors can actually be easier than staging interior rooms. By following the most important staging tips like cleaning and decluttering the space, adding style to your yard, porch, patio or deck is relatively simple.

Keep these styling tips in mind:

  • Add seating wherever you can
  • Add an outdoor rug under dining or coffee tables
  • Add pillows and blankets
  • Use neutral colors with colorful accents
  • Add potted plants with flowers or greenery to spruce up the space
  • Add functional storage like a storage bench or an outdoor bar

Keep in mind that you don't have to do any physical work to effectively stage your home for sale. Instead, you could choose virtual staging and have the job done for you in 24 hours or less.

Virtual landscaping by Stuccco
Virtual landscaping by Stuccco

Learn more about how virtual staging sells houses in real life, or start placing your first order today.

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