How to Get Any Room Designed Online

Is there a room in your home that you'd like to spruce up?

One that's outdated or no longer meets you or your family's needs?

It's never been easier to overcome these challenges than it is now. Here's how to get any room in your home professionally designed, all online: 

How to get any room designed in 2019:

  1. Share info about the room you want designed
  2. In one business day, your online interior designer will follow-up with a few clarifying questions 
  3. In seven days, you'll get initial design concepts based on your exact style, room dimensions and budget that you can review and give feedback on.
  4. In fourteen days or less, you'll a final room design and a clickable shopping list of the items selected that you can purchase and implement at your convenience
You'll receive unlimited free revisions of your room design until you're completely satisfied, no questions asked.

The price? As little as $99 per room - and no more than $499 per room depending on how exact you want your designs. Here are the two simple online interior design plans available on Stuccco and how they compare:

Service type 1: Room Refresh

Price: $99 per room

You receive:
  • Professionally selected furniture, decor and/or paint colors
  • A design board for your newly designed room
  • A clickable shopping list of the items included in your design
Example final deliverables:
Example Design Board
Example shopping listExample Shopping List

Service Type 2: Classic Design

Price: $499 per room

You receive:
  • Everything included in the Room Refresh service type, plus:
  • A lifelike design of your newly designed room
  • A floor plan of your newly designed room
  • Design instructions
  • This option allows you to perfectly visualize what your exact room will look like once you purchase and install the items.
Example final deliverables:
Example Lifelike Room DesignExample Floor Plan
Example Design BoardExample Annotated Lifelike DesignExample Shopping List Page 1Example Shopping List Page 2Example Design Instructions

Both service types:

  • Can integrate your existing pieces of furniture and decor or start your room design from scratch
  • Will perfectly match your unique budget, design style and room dimensions
  • Are completed in 14 days or less
  • Are far more affordable and much faster than working with a traditional in-person designer
  • Come with a satisfaction guarantee or your money back
  • Involve zero sales pressure
  • Are completed through Stuccco (no in-home visits needed)
  • Can include furniture and decor sourced from nearly any US-based furniture/decor company
If you or someone you know is interested in learning more about online interior design or starting a project, click here.

If you have any questions at all, send us a message via live chat in the lower right corner or call us at 1-833-788-2226.

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