How to Choose Photos for Virtual Staging

If you find yourself asking this question, "Which property photos should I virtually stage?" you can:

  1. Email us your property's photos and we will reply with our recommendations. Our email is (with three c's). You can attach your photos to the email, include a link to a shared folder that contains the property's photos or a link to the listing. If you include a link to a shared folder of your photos, make sure the permissions allow us to view it. Depending on the time of day and the current demand, it may take us a few hours or a day to receive our recommendations. If you aren't willing to wait, then...
  2. Use the criteria below to determine which photos to stage. This is the same criteria that we use and it's very simple.

How to Determine if a Photo Should Be Virtually Staged

  1. The photo shows the focal point of the room. For example, if it is a photo of a living room, the photo should show the fireplace or where the TV will go. If it is a photo of a bedroom, the photo should show where the bed's headboard will go. If it is photo of a home office, the photo should show where the desk would go, etc.
  2. The photo is of decent quality (i.e. not blurry). The photo does not have to be a professional photo to be well-suited for virtual staging, it just needs to be clear and have decent lighting.
  3. The photo depicts an empty space or an ugly furnished space. If you have a photo of a vacant space, we will add furniture and decor to it. If you have a photo of an ugly furnished space, we will remove its existing items and add new furniture and decor.
It is worth reiterating that we are more than happy to give you our free advice via email; however, if any of your property's photos fit the criteria listed above, it would be safe to assume they are good fits for virtual staging.

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