How to Choose Photos for Virtual Staging

Updated July 11, 2020 12:00 AM

If you find yourself asking this question, "Which property photos should I virtually stage?" then use the helpful guidance below. This is the same criteria that we use and it's very simple.

How to Determine if a Photo Should Be Virtually Staged

  1. The photo should show the focal point of the room. For example, if it is a photo of a living room, the photo should show the fireplace or where the TV will go. If it is a photo of a bedroom, the photo should show where the bed's headboard will go. If it is photo of a home office, the photo should show where the desk would go, etc.
  2. The photo is of decent quality (i.e. not blurry). The photo does not have to be a professional photo to be well-suited for virtual staging, it just needs to be clear and have decent lighting. Use the Photo Resolution Guide below to quickly determine the appropriate size of the photo(s) you should provide when virtually staging.
  3. The photo depicts a vacant space or a space that is cluttered or furnished with dated, ugly, personal and/or offensive items. If you have a photo of a vacant space, we will add furniture and decor to it. If you have a photo of a furnished space, we will remove the existing items and add new furniture and decor. If you'd like the wall, cabinet and/or door color changed in a photo, we can also perform this service on the photo as well. Click here to see a full list of our virtual staging services and their prices.

Once you have selected the photos that you would like virtually staged, you are ready to place a virtual staging order.

Additional Information

  • The average virtual staging customer has 7-10 photos virtually staged per home
  • The most popular design style selected by our customer's is Stuccco's Comfortable Contemporary style
  • There is no minimum number of photos you have to get virtually staged (you could have Stuccco stage 1 photo if that's all you need)
  • There is currently a maximum of 25 photos that can be placed per virtual staging order; however, if you need more photos staged, you can place multiple orders to bypass this limitation. You just need to provide the same property address when prompted so that the Stuccco design team knows that the photos in the two orders are of the same home.
  • If you want Stuccco to virtually stage multiple photos of the same room(s), the designs will sync up perfectly from all angles.
  • We do offer an expedited 12 hour delivery time for an additional fee. This option will be made available to you during the order process.
When you are ready, you can place your virtual staging order here.

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